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share market training institute Learn to Earn From Stock Market LANGUAGE:-ENGLISH,HINDI AND TAMIL online classes in avalable become professional trader
in 30 days

    Simple Steps in


    Basics of stock trading

    This module gives you good understanding on trading basics and terminology used by trader. Here you find a road map to trade successful in stock markets.

    Technical analysis

    Here you learn the tools and techniques to identify the stock market direction. This helps you to decide what to buy and sell to be profitable in trading.

    Live stock market training

    Here you learn futures and options with hedging strategies and intraday analysis. Not just that, experience the charts making directional opinion on your own


    We’re Setting the Standards in Research

    About Stock Market Course For Beginners, It is a three month programme specially designed for all students and professionals who wish to specialize (Self Trading learn about Day Trading Tips in our blog section ) in the stock market. This 100% skill oriented and a self-trading course in Share market and is a one of its programme for all those who wish to do specialization in Equity, Equity Derivative, Currency & Commodity Market trading.

    NSEBSE Special Features

    • Training as well as broking facilities are available
    • Strong client base through our online and digital platform and sub-broker network
    • Proven and experienced management team and execution strength
    • 24*7customer Service
    • 95% Accurate Intraday Tips
    • Account opening and account maintenance will cost Rs.0

    15+ Experience Stock Advisor

    Give a Training


    15 +

    Years Of Experience

    learn the stock market basics, technical analysis and futures & options.

    Technical Analysis & Trading Strategy

    • Introduction to technical analysis
    • Candlestick and line charts
    • Charting website practical demo
    • Use of indicator to decide stoploss
    • Using technical screener website to find shares
    • Candle stick patterns – Bullish and Bearish
    • Support and Resistance trading
    • Uptrend, Downtrend and Sideways trend
    • Trend – Level – Signal trade strategy
    • Technical trading strategy practice

    Intraday Trading in Shares

    • Introduction to Intraday Trading
    • Intraday risk and money management
    • Use ATR for intraday trading
    • Following news and market analysis
    • Intraday trading using Trend and Support/Resistance
    • Find Entry, Exit and Stop loss levels
    • Intraday trading strategies
    • Intraday Technical screening tools
    • Live Practical & trading demo Terminal
    • Intraday trade and money management
    • Psychology of intraday Trader

    Futures Trading

    • Introduction to futures & Options contract
    • Trading in futures vs trading in stocks
    • Contract cycle and expiry date
    • Expiry wise futures contracts
    • Rollover of futures contract
    • What is contract size and contract value?
    • Span and exposure margin
    • Settlement in futures market
    • Mark to market calculations
    • Concept of exercising of contracts
    • Order placement in futures

    Options Trading

    • Introduction to option contracts
    • Call buy and put buy
    • Call sell and put sell
    • In the money, at the money, out of money
    • Strike price, spot price
    • Concept of option premium
    • Time Value, Volatility value
    • Option trade analysis
    • Option premium calculation
    • Order placement in futures & Options

    Currency Trading

    • Introduction to currency markets
    • Currency exchange rate
    • Base currency quote currency
    • Fundamental analysis of currency
    • Currency news and analysis
    • GDP, GDP growth
    • Inflation, Interest rates
    • RBI policy effects
    • Currency futures specifications
    • Expiry, span margin exposure margin
    • How to analyze currency using charts
    • Order placement in currency trading

    Commodity Trading

    • Introduction to commodity markets
    • Demand and Supply factors
    • Commodity and Bonds connection
    • Commodity and Equity markets
    • Commodity news and analysis
    • Precious metals – gold and silver
    • Base metals – copper, nickel, zinc, nickel
    • Energy materials – crude oil, natural gas
    • Specifications of commodity futures
    • Lot size, expiry, margins etc.
    • How to analyze commodity using charts
    • Order placement in commodity trading

    Latest News Update

    SEBI has changed some rules related to margin and trading.


    We Provide Assistance in Various Directions

    Trading and Training


    Access to all Market Segment of BSE, NSE, MCX, MSEI& NCDEX


    Comprehensive Daily, Weekly and Specialized Research reports from Sector analysts


    Trade across Devices Like Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones, or mobile Phones (Browser and application based Trading)


    Get Personalized Supports From Centralized Help Desk and through phone, Email, Live Chat and SMS

    Technical data

    We Give One Month Open Interest Details Pivot Point Level And One Month FII & DII Activity And Indian ADR Level, Candlestick Pattern For Growth Your Profit Level.

    Stock Market Course

    About Stock Market Course For Beginners, It is a three month programme specially designed for all students and professionals who wish to specialize

    Our Vision

    To provide proper Trading about Money market and reduce the fear of losing money  To provide best value for money to investors through investment strategies

    Our Moto

    To have complete harmony between quality in process and services, continuous improvement to deliver exceptional service that will benefit our clients.

    Our Strengths

    We ensure utmost client satisfaction by implementing advanced technology platforms.

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