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Stock Market Course

Stock Market Course

Learn from the best Stock market Trading & Training in India.

Learn stock market step by step. LISBAN TECHNOLOGY Stock Market Course  is a short-term course with 100% Self-trading programme. Everyone has a keen interest in Share Market / Stock Markets but trading in this can be tricky, so one must learn the basics before entering this market. The module is based on Theory as well as practical. The course includes Future, options, commodity, and currency markets.

Stock Market Course Content

List of topics covered in  our Training session.

Chapter 1: Stock Trading Basics

Trading terminologies such as IPO, Index (Nifty, Sensex), Corporate action (Bonus, Dividend, etc), etc.

Trading framework includes brokers, exchanges, depositories, etc.

Introduction to stock trading, brief discussion of trading as business and gambling.

Chapter 2: Introduction to Analysis

Discussion on fundamental and technical analysis.

Introduction to charting types and its relevance in analysis.

Pro and cons of fundamental and technical Analysis.

Trading Psychology and its impact while taking decisions.

Chapter 3: Technical Analysis in Details

Dow theory – To understand Demand and supply.

Price Patterns – Double Top / bottom, Head and shoulder, Cup pattern, Flag pattern and Triangle pattern.

Candlestick analysis – Engulfing, Piercing, Doji, Hammer and Hanging man pattern.

Gap analysis – Area Gap, Breakout Gap, Runaway Gap and Exhaustion Gap.

Chapter 4: Intraday Analysis

Difference between intraday and positional analysis.

Top down approach for stock selection and finding trading levels.

Intraday Scanners and filters to find momentum stocks.

Do’s and Don’ts of intraday trading

Chapter 5: Futures and Options

Introduction to the derivative markets.

Understanding the option payoff table.

Developing hedging strategies for the current market trend.

Importance of high return low risk strategies.

Trading Complete Course

Stock market trading is the best way to achieve financial goals. If you want to learn trading in the stock market, join our trading complete course at our stock market academy in India. We have designed this course to help you become a professional trader. It will give you a great insight into the functioning of the share market, and become familiar with concepts like understanding stock charts, risk management, intraday and delivery trading. We offer the best stock market training course in India for beginners and experienced traders. We’ve covered everything that is essential to gain knowledge and experience for trading. The topics covered in each module are:

Course Benefits

1. Make real money using our trading strategies.
2. High chances of winning more trades because of technical analysis.
3. Low chances of hitting stoploss because of use of special indicators.
4. Increase your profits without taking any extra risks.
5. You can directly learn and start trading by the end of the course.
6. Trade in different markets like Equity, Commodity and Currency.

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